Get Over Your Tax Troubles and Plant Some Herbs

Are you still hung up with your taxes? The due date is April 18th this year. When you finally sign on the dotted line, or press enter, head outside for some fresh air -- you'll probably need it. While you're breathing deep and lamenting the current condition of your savings account, take a look around. Isn't life nicer when there's something green to look at? Human beings are conditioned to expect and appreciate nature. If your home or landscape is barren of natural elements -- but enviably practical -- exchange some concrete or hardpan for an herb or two.

Some Simple Herb Suggestions for Tax Day

A pot or plot of greens will bring spring and summer to life for you -- really. Try a parsley plant. Who couldn't use some parsley? At the very least, it's nature's breath freshener.

For color, add lavender. It's a natural moth repellent that'll make your closets and drawers smell wonderful.

Or choose a moth repellent you can eat and make into a Christmas wreath this fall -- rosemary (just start with a large plant if you want a bountiful harvest for crafts).

If you're into big weekend breakfasts, a little batch of chives makes a nice, mild oniony garnish -- and you know fresh chives are just the right touch on a baked potato.

Herbs are useful, fun and frequently edible. Make your garden work for you by adding herbs to your landscaping repertoire. Did we say they can save you money on expensive packaged herbs? These days, every penny counts.

Oh, and if you're suffering sticker shock in your grocery store's produce department, try growing a few veggies this year too. Take a look at the new grow bags that will allow you to grow tomatoes, squash and even potatoes on almost any surface. You can also cultivate veggies and herbs in raised garden beds using prefab kits (so easy) and even bales of straw. Get gardening -- and think of your landscape as an edible wonderland -- plant for harvest. It's a green thing to do.

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