Here Come the Spring Seed Catalogs

Spring is making a comeback. There may still be some snowy days with flurries and a precipitous dip in the overnight temperatures. There may be a few setbacks to more welcoming outdoor weather -- but I can smell the change. You know, that fresh, light  smell with a hint of sunshine in it that says winter is on the way out. Last weekend I was outside checking to see if the catnip made it through the near arctic temps we've experienced this season. I excavated a thick layer of mulch, and there those little plant leaves were, tightly curled around their central stems. Seeing them made my day.

The neighborhood cats have their tails up as they inspect the fences along the back easement. The birds are starting to sing, and not just in the mornings, either. Spring is coming back to our house, and yours too I expect. Isn't it great?

Planning Your Spring Garden

If you're heavy into your seed catalogs, wondering what to plant and how to plant it this season, I'll throw in my two cents worth. This is my second year growing herbs and vegetables in straw bales and it's a lot of fun. The elevated beds are easy on my back, too. You might want to give it a try. Last year I managed to get two large tomato plants or three peppers per bale. This no fuss gardening method is getting more popular, so you may be seeing bales for sale at your local nursery or gardening outlet. If you do decide to give it a try, remember to start early. The bales will have to cure for a while before they'll be ready for your seedlings.

Whatever you decide to do with your little piece of land, do it with gusto. There's nothing like a garden to help mark the passage of time -- and enjoy it more, too.

I really like having paper copies of seed and plant catalogs. It' isn't very green of me, but being able to thumb through a catalog and dog ear the product pages I'm interested in makes me feel wealthy -- whether I buy everything I have in mind or not.

You may already have your herb and vegetable wish list ready for the season. If not, you can still order some fun and interesting catalogs online. The list below will take you to the catalog request page of each respective site. Most offer paper catalogs (snail mail) free of charge:

Order Your Spring Seed Catalogs

Mountain Valley Growers
Crimson Sage
Horizon Herbs
Seeds of Change (PDF Download)
Territorial Seed Company
Abundant Life Seeds
Cook's Garden
Heirloom Acres Seeds
Irish Eyes Garden Seeds
Johnny's Selected Seeds (Virtual Catalog)

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