Watering Plants - Buy a Rain Barrel

Water is getting more and more expensive every year, and if you're like I am, you want you plants to be well taken care of. One way to ensure that your plants are getting the moisture they need without breaking the bank is to install a rain barrel. Rain barrels harvest free water that's relatively pure and great for watering garden plants.

If you want to know more about the advantages of rain barrels, and there are many, I wrote an article about them for the folks at You can find it here: How Rain Barrels Work.

The nice thing about rain barrels is that you're helping yourself and the environment at the same time. The article above also includes directions for making your own basic rain barrel. There are other, more involved directions for making rain barrels all over the web, or you can buy any of the hundreds of commercially available rain barrels on the market. I have a few samples below. Your local home supply store will probably have an assortment too.

Water runoff isn't harmless. In cities and towns, rainwater flowing down concrete streets into storm drains often runs directly into streams and rivers. In more rural and natural settings, some of this water would seep through the soil and return to the water table naturally filtered. When you harvest rainwater you help keep rivers and streams clean, reduce the drain on existing municipal water supplies, and also reduce the need for water treatment.

The next time it rains, think of it as free water, and be prepared. You'll be doing us all a favor.


  1. Hi, I have read a number of blogs now that talk about making rainbarrels. One I remember for sure is Susan's of the Bycycle Garden; and I know there were 2 other recent ones. It's a popular topic right now, with saving money, caring for the environment, it makes a lot of sense.

  2. Its really an excellent information blog post.....

  3. hey,your are right.everybody is talking about these rain barrel thing in order to save our environment which is our original home


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