It's Not Too Late to Protect Your Plants from the Cold Weather

The cold weather is upon us, and if you live where there's a freeze, be kind to your plants. Check to make sure that plants that are borderline for your growing zone are well mulched and protected from the wind chill and freezing temperatures. A Calla lily that survived last year's mild winter may not make it to spring this year without a little help. Be good to your plants when the temperatures drop; they can't help themselves. If you don't have any mulch around, use a layer of shredded newspaper covered with dead leaves from your garden.

If you were too rushed to get everything prepared for winter last year, it may not be too late. Get some mulch or burlap to cover your flowerbeds, robust root systems might still survive if you help them now. Don't give up yet. You might be surprised in the spring. Oh, and while you're scurrying, be careful of icy patches.

Salt and Your Plants

This is particularly true of plants that border areas near a road or driveway that receives salt de-icing treatment. Make sure to protect these areas with a layer of much in order to avoid salt contamination. If you have concerns about the amount of salt those areas are receiving, be sure to water them thoroughly when the temperature rises above freezing to dissipate the effects of the salt.

It's hard to get out into the garden when the temperatures are brutal, but you'll thank yourself when spring rolls around and all your favorite plants are still alive.

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